10 Reasons to try Cryotherapy

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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has become a must-have treatment in recent years. Not just because people want to follow the footsteps of their favourite celebrity into a cryotherapy chamber (did we mention that Jennifer Aniston, Daniel Craig and Lebron James are fans of getting their cold on?), but because of its versatility.
Because cryotherapy has so many proven benefits, it can be hard to know where to begin or even believe it can be so beneficial. As such, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the many reasons clients visit Active Clinics for cryotherapy treatments.

  1. Recovery

Often seen as the big one, many professional athletes swear that stepping into a cryotherapy chamber to spend three minutes at temperatures of -160C helps keep themselves in top condition. The science behind this is that increasing circulation also boosts the availability of oxygen and other nutrients, which means it could also help you recover faster and perform better.

  1. Ease stress 

While the idea of freezing yourself for several minutes might feel a bit daunting or even stressful, cryotherapy is actually a great way to combat stress and anxiety. The cold shock of full-body cryotherapy is understood to trigger physiological hormonal responses, meaning people often emerge feeling calmer. 

  1. Skin conditions

Many people use cryotherapy to treat or manage a variety of skin conditions (INSERT LINK TO THE PREVIOUS TSW ARTICLE), including psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. The freezing cold treatment constricts blood vessels simultaneously by releasing hormones into the bloodstream, which eases pain and helps reduce inflammation.

  1. Mood and mental health

Several scientific papers have been written about the relationship between cryotherapy, mood and mental health. It is understood that along with the internal physical reaction to the freezing cold of a cryotherapy chamber, some people emerge with a feeling of relaxation and even euphoria, which can last for prolonged periods. 

  1. Injury 

While athletes often use full-body cryotherapy for overall recovery, more focused cryotherapy can be used to reduce the pain of injuries and speed up the recovery process. Whether it’s a sprained wrist or something more serious, localised cryotherapy treatment can be used to get back to normal faster than otherwise.

  1. Migraines 

Some clients have turned to cryotherapy after exhausting more conventional treatments. One such example is migraines, where using localised cryotherapy to the head and neck has been found to reduce migraine pain as well as the frequency of migraines themselves. (INSERT LINK TO THE PREVIOUS MIGRAINE ARTICLE)

  1. Arthritic pain

Treating the inflammation and pain caused by Arthritis is yet another reason people are turning to cryotherapy. Many people now find cryotherapy a better solution than the ice packs they may have previously used, which, while helping in the short-term, often made longer-term discomfort even worse.

  1. Improve your sleep

While the cold blast of cryotherapy will wake you up and make you more alert straight after the treatment, it can also help you sleep better. By boosting the production of the hormone norepinephrine, cryotherapy can help regulate sleep patterns and activate REM sleep.

  1. Weight loss

This is a slightly controversial one. While some studies have suggested that cryotherapy can increase weight loss, the scientific consensus is still out. However, many people believe that cryotherapy has boosted their weight loss when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

  1. It could help lots of other things too.

As if the rest of this list wasn’t enough reason to step into a cryotherapy chamber, scientists are currently exploring whether cryotherapy can be used to treat or manage all matter of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia; or to boost collagen production. 


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