Active Clinics – the best UK aesthetic supplier

Truly, beauty is eminent in everyone, but for those who take out time to care for their body to make it visible. Active Clinics help you to care for your beauty all-round. We are a chain of aesthetic clinics where we provide treatments to the clients as well as an aesthetic equipment supplier based in the United Kingdom.

At Active Clinics

we lease, sell and distribute various aesthetic equipment to the businesses – Spas, gyms and pharmacies.

We provide aesthetic equipment for the following categories:

  • Cryogenic Solutions (Cryotherapy)
  • Non-Surgical Skin Care Solutions
  • Permanent Hair Removal Solutions

Here is a list of our cutting edge technology Active aesthetic products range:

  • Active Local Cryo Luxury
  • Active Cryo Whole Body Chamber (WBC)
  • Active Arctic Chamber(WBC)
  • Active Local Cryo
  • Active HiFU
  • Active HiFU P
  • Active Pulse – Permanent Hair Removal System

Active Local Cryo Luxury – This equipment is used for cosmetology (Spa’s) to improve your beauty and cool the skin. Localised Cryotherapy is widely applied in sports to reduce pain and, inflammation in certain targeted areas of your body. Active Local Cryo Polar bear is available in various models.

Active Cryo Whole Body Chamber (WBC)&Active Arctic Chamber(WBC)– Whole Body Chamber is targeted for Sports and Beauty Industry professionals as it is a quick win to enhance their performances and improve recovery time after their performances. This cryo-treatment soothes the sore muscles, improves sleep and increases the metabolism. It also helps to increase the glow of the skin, looking fresh and younger.

Active Local Cryo– The safety features and programmed treatment of Cryo penguin ensures effective use of Cryotherapy. Localised Cryotherapy is widely applied in sports to reduce pain and, inflammation in certain targeted areas of your body. Active Cryo penguin is easy to use, safe and effective for localised Cryotherapy.

Active HiFU&Active HiFU P – This equipment uses High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound to helps to maintain the skin’s beauty and perform non-surgical face lifting, body shaping, jowl lifting, skin rejuvenation and eyebrows lifting.

Active Pulse – Permanent Hair Removal System – This laser hair removal system takes care of the unwanted hair and provides a permanent pain free solution. With Active Clinics’ hair removal machine, hair problem days are over and hair will never regrow again. The hair treatment through Active Pulse hair removal system is painless, effective and very safe.

We offer following Additional FREE Services, benefits and Support packages with the equipment Sale for the clients:

  • 1 x Active Equipment
  • 2 Years’ Manufacturer Warranty (Subject to Terms and conditions)
  • Free UK based Technical Support and assistance.
  • Service plan for 1 year (maximum 2 services including parts and labour)
  • Free training at the Head office and refresher course every year (if required). Certificates provided on completion of training to all trainees.
  • Free Supply contract and H&S assessments.
  • One complimentary full nitrogen tank supplied ( With Localize Cryo Machines)
  • Marketing 500 Leaflet with their own logo, Standup Banner, website entry.
  • Promotional Event support for the first year of launch if required (subject to availability).
  • Free advertisement on social media from our main company profiles, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, YouTube etc. (All Clinics can give us their testimonials to share on our Social media with their Clinic Name for better coverage and more leads locally)
  • Free supply of Uniforms with the company’s logo on wholesale price (Please ask for Quote).
  • Ongoing Public Relations support and/or guidance (if required).
  • Free Listing on 25 online directories in the United Kingdom.

Our aesthetic equipment can meet all your beauty needs and with our support after purchase you won’t be alone on your journey. Amazing opportunities are rare and if they do come only lasts for a while. We at Active Clinics enthusiastically, look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic business goals.