Skin Lesion Removal service is now available at Active Clinic.
Cryotherapy to remove age spots, skin tags and warts!

Cryotherapy, using nitrous oxide (N2O), is the standard recommended procedure for the removal of skin lesions at dermatology practices.
Cryotherapy pen allows us to work with far more precision. We are able to pinpoint lesions and other growths down to the millimetre with a targeted treatment administered by an exactly sized applicator delivering safe and effective nitrous oxide. Each application requires just a few seconds – no anaesthesia needed.

What is cryotherapy?

A very precise jet of highly compressed liquefied nitrous oxide freezes and destroys a variety of skin lesions in a matter of seconds using our cryotherapy pen.

What conditions does it treat?

Common skin lesions treated include warts, skin tags, age spots, cherry angiomas

What is the procedure like?

The Cryo device will be used to precisely spray the coolant directly on the skin lesion and not the surrounding healthy tissue. The entire procedure takes less than a minute.

Is it painful?

There is mild discomfort when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the lesion.

Is there any downtime?

No, you can resume normal activities immediately.

How many treatments are needed?

Usually one – three treatment is all that is needed.

What aftercare is needed?

You should clean the treated area with soap and water 2-4 times per day until it fully heals in 1-4 weeks. For large lesions a topical antibiotic cream covered by gauze pad may be used.

Are there any side effects?

Temporary pain, redness, swelling and crusting may occur.

Are there any risk?

Pigment changes (especially if dark skinned), nerve irritation (especially on the fingers, wrist and behind the ear), and hair loss at the treated site are rare, but possible complications.

When will I see results?

Most lesions are better within 2 weeks.

What is the cost?

Most single lesions can be treated from £50 per session

Prices for Skin Tags

Tag Size


SMALL Tags £45
MEDIUM Tags £55
LARGE Tags £65
MULTIPLE Tags Various Packages Available at a discounted Price*