SHR is the most advanced way of removing unwanted hair today. SHR is 4 x faster than traditional IPL and Laser, it is safer and pain free. SHR combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving absolutely painless results.
Super Fast & No Pain At All
The treatment is more pleasant than with the ordinary laser systems and your skin is better protected. You will experience a mild warm feeling as the light passes over the treatment area using the unique energy delivery method that effectively damages the hair follicle which prevents regrowth, while preventing injury to the surrounding tissue.  The super chilled hand piece cools the skin’s surface preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain.

Virtually Painless
SHR is the only clinically proven method of laser hair removal that is virtually painless. The unique heating and energy delivery method effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, while preventing injury to the surrounding tissue. At the same time, ICE™ tech cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain.
Proven Safety Record
SHR has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types, including dark skin whereby melanin is exponentially more sensitive to the heat used in laser treatment. Hair follicles are damaged not by a single pulse of high energy, but by repetitive short energy pulses. These pulses minimize the risk of burning to the skin, as it is the heat build-up which raises the temperature of the dermis to the level needed for preventing hair growth.

Is it safe?
Super hair removal is the most popular aesthetic procedures performed around the world. SHR  treatment have provided safe and effective hair reduction for millions of people worldwide. Because SHR treatment utilizes “IN-MOTION” and low-heat settings we are able to provide a level of safety unlike any other laser hair removal procedure.

How many sessions are required?

For your initial course we recommend 6-10 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart. Then 1-3 times a year top up maintenance treatments.

Will this treatments hurt?

Absolutely NOT. No pain at all. Guaranteed!

What will happen to the area after the treatment?

You may experience some short-term effects. This may include slight reddening of the skin or local follicle swelling, which goes away within a few hours.

Is there any down time or restricted activity after Laser Hair Removal?

You can return to work the same day and resume all regular activities.

Treated areas must be kept protected from the sun for 2-4 weeks after treatment.

It is recommended to avoid hot showers and heavy, sweaty workouts for 24 hours post treatment.

Will my hair ever grow back?

Actively growing hair that’s been treated with SHR should not grow back. Once a hair follicle is damaged, it cannot grow hair. However, hair follicles that were not in the active growth phase, will need to be treated. It’s also not unusual for some patients to have a touch-up two years after initial treatment due to hormonal changes.

Do I need to arrange time off from work for treatments?

SHR treatments have no “down time” and requires no recovery time. You can have a treatment and return to work and other normal activities immediately.

Why do I need 6+ treatments?

Hair growth occurs in 4 stages: Early Anagen (early hair growth), Anagen (active hair growth), Catagen (regression) and Telogen (resting, not growing). Laser hair removal only affects the Anagen stage (actively growing hair). Therefore, approximately twenty-five-percent of hair is removed with each treatment. A few treatments are therefore required for the treatment area to be hair free