The information I provided on my client consultation form will be kept confidential and is correct. I will inform my consultant of any changes to any of the information prior my session. I give my full consent for any medical conditions to be researched as and when necessary, for any contra indications that may affect my treatments. Furthermore, I understand this is solely for the purpose of client care. If I decide to stop my treatments for any reason and there is payment due, I will legally need to successfully complete my payment. I am fully aware of the 24-hours cancellation policy therefore if I do not provide my consultant with 24-hour notice then I will automatically forfeit my session.Active Clinics would like to use your images to show clients on the outstanding results you achieved, if you do not wish for us to use your images, please tick the box
Clients must remove any jewellery before treatment. And any area with metal plates in the body can’t be treated with cryotherapy.It is our legal responsibility to inform all customers that our staff have been trained to required standards to operate the Cryo machine but occasionally very cold Nitrogen gas can cause temporary cold burns or frost bites, which normally disappear in a few days. Please consult with your doctor if you have frost bites for longer than one week. By signing this form, you agree to understand the side effects of the treatment. .I understand that the result of the treatment is variable and that the outcome of the treatment is not guaranteed.